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Puts you where
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Introducing the automatic line release mechanism, designed to enhance your casting and fishing experience. Castmaster Xcelerate™

$39.00 AUD
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As seen on Oz Fish TV with Michael Del Marco

We recommend the " OzFishTV" show and facebook page with Michael Del Marco

"This works amazingly" - "Ha .. That went for miles" - "Go have a look on line and order one for yourself" - "I highly recommend this device"

"Thank you for visiting us at the Royal Melbourne Show grounds"

"Thank you for visiting us at the Royal Melbourne Show grounds"

" Xcelerate is designed by fishermen for anglers"

Automatic line release.

Automatically releases the line at the optimal point in the casting arc.

Cast with both hands.

Enables the angler to cast with both hands firmly on the rod, without the need to hold and release the line, thus allowing him/her to extract as much of the rod’s power as possible.

Adapts to individual needs.

Adapts to individual casting needs such as the action of the rod, casting weights used and the casters strength.
The Ultimate Accessory.

The Ultimate Accessory.

Simple to use after a short introduction with increased potential to catch more fish. Salt resistant, strong and durable with a minimum of moving parts.


Easily fitted to the rod.

Easily fitted to the rod.

Easily fitted to any rod (between the reel and the 1st guide) that is designed to cast the weights specified.

The Xcelerate is for use with spinning reels only. Do not use the device with a bait caster or revolving drum type reel. Also only use this device with a single plane, over-the-shoulder cast as seen in the video attached. It is not designed for use with pendulum, round the body, off the ground or other casting techniques. It is designed for rods between 3 metres/10 foot and 4.5 metres/15 foot in length and casting weights between 56 grams/2 ounces and 140 grams/5 ounces. Heavier weights can be cast on rods suitable for those casting weights, however a mono-filament leader of suitable breaking strain will be required. Do not use braid to wrap the xcelerate unit. Use a mono leader if you are using braid.

Safer More Enjoyable Fishing.

An additional factor to safer more enjoyable fishing resulting from the ability to cast further is that of safety, especially with lake-shore, bank, surf and rock angling.

The Xcelerate allows the angler to stand further back from the water’s edge and still achieve the desired casting distance. The Xcelerate provides the potential to vastly improve both casting performance and safety for anglers.

Watch Xcelerate in action

User Reviews.

Xcelerate increases casting ease and distance for beginners and average casters. It is true that 20% of fishers catch 80% of fish, but this device helps put you where the fish are.

– Ted Whittam, Previous World Casting Champion and 4 ounce World Record Holder, 1974.

This works amazingly...Wow that went for miles.... That cast just took half a spool of braid of this reel, check it out and get one for yourself. Mike Del Marco's comments during a filmed casting session for 0Z Fish TV.

– Mike Del Marco - OZ Fish TV

Xcelerate is a great Aussie product. I use the Xcelerate fitted to my beach rod with an Alvey Surf Champion 650C reel loaded with braid and am getting fantastic results..... "It's the best thing since sliced bread for beach and rock fishing"

– Alby, Flagstaff Hill SA.

Thank you Castmaster, after some practise l found the Xcelerate was easy to use and it enables me to cast significantly further from the rocks and beaches around Phillip lsland.... . it's a great product"

– Mark, Morwell Vic.

After viewing a video clip on the OZ Fish TV facebook page I decided to purchase a "Castmaster". After following the easy detailed instructions on fitting I headed out to my favorite spot. It took a few casts to set the tension but once I had it dialed in I was very happy with the consistent cast distances I was getting. It's a great feeling not having to keep your finger on the line, I found it a worthwhile addition to my fishing gear. Great Aussie product, well done.

– Paul, Pakenham. VIC

On the surf I struggled to get out the back into the deeper gutters, I am now able to reach them every time "Worth every cent" Thanks Fellas.

– Matt, Kingscliff N.S.W.

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